A new kind of business model

My friend owns a high-tech business, so innovation and new product development are crucial to his success. The product development cycle takes about two years from conception to finished product. Then there is a long certification process that takes another two years.  So, after approximately four years, the product is done.

My friend then takes the manufactured product and stores it in a warehouse. He doesn’t market or advertise, because he feels that the product is of such high value that it justifies its own creation. That is, he doesn’t feel compelled actually to sell it. He feels satisfied just to know that he built it. (Amazing, isn’t it?) Occasionally, a year or two after he has built one of these products, someone will find out about it and give him a call. He has a nice conversation and enjoys the fact that someone has shown interest, but by that time, he is half way done with his next product, because what’s important to him is the product, not the sale. Believe it or not, his business is thriving.

Can you guess who my friend is?


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