Moving to Louisville

I am pleased to announce that in August I will join the industrial engineering faculty at the University of Louisville as Director of the Logistics and Distribution Institute (LoDI).


My time at Auburn University has been a delight in so many ways. I would like publicly to thank my colleagues here—Jeff, Chase, Rob, Jerry, Rich, Sean, Chan, J, Saeed, Fadel, LuAnn, Jorge, John, Tom—and especially Alice Smith who first invited me for a “look see” in 2003. That she could lure me away from Monterey, California says much about Auburn and much about her sales skills! Many thanks to you all for 10 rich years of professional growth and personal friendships.

I also thank Tim Cook for his generous professorship, which I have held for the past four years. The association has been an honor indeed.

The relationships and the work have been satisfying here, but I have been looking for a “next big opportunity” for a few years. The opportunity at UofL also works well for our family.

I will have much more to say about Louisville in the near future. For now, War Eagle! And Go Cards!


  1. All the best,

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